School retreat 

A week ago I went on an art retreat with a school group. We stayed out in the woods and did yoga and art for 5 days. I took a lot of photos so I thought I’d share some here. 



This weekend my mom and I went on a gorgeous hike. It was located at a nature preserve that opens one day a year when the bluebells are in bloom. Here is the full set of pictures that I took: 

Spring photography

It is finally spring! Which means some amazing photo opportunities. I always love taking photos during the spring. The flowers start to bloom on the trees, which really adds a beautiful touch to portrait photos. I have found that flowers make a great blurred out background for portraits as well as added visual interest and layers to the in focus foreground. Spring is also my favorite season for nature photography. You are able to capture small moments in time when the world is at its most beautiful. Since I have been taking so many portraits lately I really want to take advantage of this time of year and allow myself to continue to be inspired and hone my creative eye for photography. 

Below are a couple of my first photos from spring photo shoots: 

Rainbow Prism

A week or two ago I got a prism for photography. If used correctly in the right light, beautiful rainbows can be made and reflected onto different surfaces, people’s faces, etc. As well as shining light through it, I’ve found that it creates a very  interesting effect if you shoot through the prism, focus on the subject, and it produces a gorgeous framing of sparkly light. This technique I find really adds a lot of interest to my photos. It adds an extra layer of depth and somewhere for the viewers eye to want to be drawn to. I think that it will also really help me to learn more about light because to use it correctly you must really observe where the light is coming from. If there is enough of it to shine through the side of the prism and reflect a rainbow, then it works well. I also found that it works better if there is something dark for the light to bounce off of, to create a more opaque rainbow. Here are a couple examples of the rainbow effect and where I shot through the prism: 

Photography Instagram

About a week ago I decided to create a photography Instagram account. I had this idea because I was thinking about ways that I could continue to promote and build my image as a photographer, and this came to mind. I feel like it will help me to build connections with other photographers (both my age and older) and it will allow me to put my photos out there. I have already acquired a good amount of followers, and received several comments on my photos. I added a link to this blog under my bio, and I am hoping to eventually get more viewers. Click here to view my Instagram page.

Here is a preview of two photos that I have posted on my Instagram:

I would also like to say thank you to all of my amazing friends and family who have read and made comments on my blog. Your support means a lot to me.


Art room photoshoot 

A few days ago I brought my camera to school, and took photos of my friends during art class. During the shoot, I noticed that I was thinking a lot more creatively about composition, and how to make the photo look appealing and flattering. As I took the photos I kept in mind the fact that I would be able to edit them in Lightroom afterwards, and thought about how I wanted the end result to look.  Photography is such a fun way to connect with people, and I really had a good time taking funny and silly pictures while at the same time being serious. Recently I have really been enjoying taking portrait photography for exactly this reason. A couple days ago I decided to create an Instagram account to connect with other photographers and get more inspiration. This is another way in which I am hoping to promote myself as a photographer and grow my image. 

Lightroom Editing 

Recently I have been really interested in learning how to edit my photography on Lightroom. I recently got a Lightroom subscription, and want to take advantage of all of the amazing tools Lightroom has, and learn different techniques for editing. I started shooting in raw a couple months ago and I can tell that it makes a big difference in the quality of my photos. Shooting in raw also allows you to do so many more things in Lightroom post photo shoot. There are several photos that I have taken where the exposure is way too low, and so the photo is very dark, and Lightroom allows me to fix this with just a small simple adjustment. I do still think that it is best to try to get my image as close to the “correct” exposure (there is not really a correct exposure, just each photographers personal and creative preference) as possible while shooting, but this is just my opinion. I have also noticed that every photographer has a different preference and style of editing that match her or his photography style. Different photographers have various ideas of what makes an interesting photo and how much or how little to edit their photography. I hope to learn as much as I can about Lightroom so that I can edit my photos with my own creative style and eye. Here are a couple photos that I have edited in Lightroom recently: 

Ansel Adams

The world of photography has been shaped by many influential artists. These people have helped the art of photography to become what it is today. One person who has had a very large influence over many artists is Ansel Adams. Personally I believe that his photographs are very beautiful, inspiring and intriguing. I would like to share with you some of the research that I have done on this artist whos photographs have become a personal favorite of mine.

Born in 1902, Ansel Adams was a highly influential landscape and nature photographer. His passion for environmentalism motivated him to take nature photography. As a young child he was often very removed from his peers and was introverted. He preferred to spend his time alone exploring nature and the natural world. Before he was introduced to the art of photography, he taught himself to play piano. He was first recognized as a conservationist and quickly became a part of many clubs and organizations. Later in his life he realized that he could really make a living out of the photography profession.

Ansel Adam’s widely known photographs helped to shape the world of fine art photography and make it what it is today. His beautiful black and white photographs express emotion, passion, and drama. Their dramatic and compelling compositions draw the viewer right into the scene of the photo. His photos black and white coloring  enhance the feelings which they convey. Ansel Adams said “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” This quote really speaks to the heart of photography, and its creative aspects. It describes how photographers are able to capture memories and feelings with their photographs. Many people around the world are still inspired by Ansel Adams work and his passion for the world that surrounded him.  



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Women’s March 1/21/17

From 1:00 Saturday morning to 2:00 this morning, I went on an incredible life changing adventure. I got to go to Washington D.C. and be a part of probably one of the biggest marches in history. I was one of the 1.2 million people to have this experience, and at the same time millions of other people marched in solidarity around the world. I hope you enjoy these photos that I took of women and people fighting for what’s right.