All About my Photography Journey

Hi and welcome again to my blog! My name is Isabelle and I am a beginning photographer. I created this blog in order to put myself out to the world and acquire connections with other photographers. I hope to grow in my photo skills and learn new things through this blog.

I  started to become interested in photography a couple years ago while watching my mom take photos. She first inspired me and sparked my interest in photography. Shortly after, I was given my first camera as a birthday gift from my grandparents. From that point on, I have been very eager to learn how to take better photographs. Recently this past year a family friend gave me her old Canon dslr camera. This opened up a new world of opportunities for me, and fueled my motivation to take great photos. Since then I have been actively trying to learn all their is to know about digital photography and learn everything I can. When making my schedule for school last year, there were no English classes that seemed interesting to me. My amazing father (who just happens to be an English teacher) suggested that I do an independent English class, and had the idea of it revolving around photography. My whole goal is to become a better artist. I have read books, done research, wrote in a journal, and have been taking photos as much as possible. I really want to grow and develop throughout this experience, and find out who I am as a person and a photographer.