Rainbow Prism

A week or two ago I got a prism for photography. If used correctly in the right light, beautiful rainbows can be made and reflected onto different surfaces, people’s faces, etc. As well as shining light through it, I’ve found that it creates a very  interesting effect if you shoot through the prism, focus on the subject, and it produces a gorgeous framing of sparkly light. This technique I find really adds a lot of interest to my photos. It adds an extra layer of depth and somewhere for the viewers eye to want to be drawn to. I think that it will also really help me to learn more about light because to use it correctly you must really observe where the light is coming from. If there is enough of it to shine through the side of the prism and reflect a rainbow, then it works well. I also found that it works better if there is something dark for the light to bounce off of, to create a more opaque rainbow. Here are a couple examples of the rainbow effect and where I shot through the prism: 


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