Art room photoshoot 

A few days ago I brought my camera to school, and took photos of my friends during art class. During the shoot, I noticed that I was thinking a lot more creatively about composition, and how to make the photo look appealing and flattering. As I took the photos I kept in mind the fact that I would be able to edit them in Lightroom afterwards, and thought about how I wanted the end result to look.  Photography is such a fun way to connect with people, and I really had a good time taking funny and silly pictures while at the same time being serious. Recently I have really been enjoying taking portrait photography for exactly this reason. A couple days ago I decided to create an Instagram account to connect with other photographers and get more inspiration. This is another way in which I am hoping to promote myself as a photographer and grow my image. 


One comment

  1. Great job, Izzy. I especially like the one where you blurred the foreground brick and the second to last one where you have a blurred out piece in the foreground.


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