Lightroom Editing 

Recently I have been really interested in learning how to edit my photography on Lightroom. I recently got a Lightroom subscription, and want to take advantage of all of the amazing tools Lightroom has, and learn different techniques for editing. I started shooting in raw a couple months ago and I can tell that it makes a big difference in the quality of my photos. Shooting in raw also allows you to do so many more things in Lightroom post photo shoot. There are several photos that I have taken where the exposure is way too low, and so the photo is very dark, and Lightroom allows me to fix this with just a small simple adjustment. I do still think that it is best to try to get my image as close to the “correct” exposure (there is not really a correct exposure, just each photographers personal and creative preference) as possible while shooting, but this is just my opinion. I have also noticed that every photographer has a different preference and style of editing that match her or his photography style. Different photographers have various ideas of what makes an interesting photo and how much or how little to edit their photography. I hope to learn as much as I can about Lightroom so that I can edit my photos with my own creative style and eye. Here are a couple photos that I have edited in Lightroom recently: 


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