Ansel Adams

The world of photography has been shaped by many influential artists. These people have helped the art of photography to become what it is today. One person who has had a very large influence over many artists is Ansel Adams. Personally I believe that his photographs are very beautiful, inspiring and intriguing. I would like to share with you some of the research that I have done on this artist whos photographs have become a personal favorite of mine.

Born in 1902, Ansel Adams was a highly influential landscape and nature photographer. His passion for environmentalism motivated him to take nature photography. As a young child he was often very removed from his peers and was introverted. He preferred to spend his time alone exploring nature and the natural world. Before he was introduced to the art of photography, he taught himself to play piano. He was first recognized as a conservationist and quickly became a part of many clubs and organizations. Later in his life he realized that he could really make a living out of the photography profession.

Ansel Adam’s widely known photographs helped to shape the world of fine art photography and make it what it is today. His beautiful black and white photographs express emotion, passion, and drama. Their dramatic and compelling compositions draw the viewer right into the scene of the photo. His photos black and white coloring  enhance the feelings which they convey. Ansel Adams said “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” This quote really speaks to the heart of photography, and its creative aspects. It describes how photographers are able to capture memories and feelings with their photographs. Many people around the world are still inspired by Ansel Adams work and his passion for the world that surrounded him.  



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