2017, a brand new year. Over the course of 2016  I grew as a photographer. In a single year I started to learn how to use my new dslr camera, got a 50mm lens, learned to use the camera, did research about photography, looked at photography blogs, read books about photography,  experimented with different types of photography, started this blog, wrote in a journal and reflected on myself as a photographer, learned about well known photographers, and most importantly, I took a lot of photos. Now that it is 2017 I want to take the opportunity to continue to keep taking photos. I really want to be dedicated to my goals, and to pushing myself to try different things. I want to keep learning new things, and keep growing as a photographer and an artist.

I’ve heard the saying before that New Years resolutions are meant to be broken, but I want to make an effort to not have this be true for me. I am someone who is always inspired by my surroundings, and the people in my life. My goal is to take this inspiration and use it to motivate myself in taking meaningful photography .

Happy New year to everyone!




  1. Happy New Year! Your blog is awesome! The photos are great! Thanks o much for thinking of me! I love it!

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