Winter Photography

It is winter now! Even though I don’t particularly enjoy the cold, winter brings some great opportunities for photos. One morning this week I woke up and saw a gorgeous sunrise outside my window. I grabbed my coat and my camera and 50mm lens and ran outside. It was so beautiful, I wanted to take some photos of the freshly fallen snow on the plants in our yard. I really like how those photos turned out. Since I first got my 50 mm lens I feel like I have gotten much better at using it. Its very easy for photos to turn out blurry because of the extreme depth of field the lens allows. I have learned to keep myself as still as possible, so that this doesn’t happen. Sometimes when I am taking a photo, I will literally hold my breath when I press the shutter so there is minimal camera shake.

Winter is also pretty good for portrait photos. This is because sometimes during winter the lighting can be slightly overcast and not sunny. This lighting is actually really good for portraits or close up photos of people, because there are no shadows being cast on their face. The lighting is much softer, which I have found makes for a much better portrait photo.


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