Portrait Photography

Over the past week or two I have taken portrait photos several different times. When I went on a walk with my brother, when I went to my friends house, etc. Compared to other photos that I have taken of friends and family, I feel like I am getting a lot better at composing good portrait photos. More and more I am getting better at knowing how to direct the person so that I can achieve the shot that I want. I find that sometimes it is hard to do this, especially with someone like my brother. I can rarely get him to give me a real smile instead of a silly, or pouting face. It is easier with someone who isn’t tired of me taking photos of them all the time. 🙂

One of the most key things that I have learned about portraits is that the subjects eyes MUST be in focus. Otherwise, even if the rest of their face is in focus, the photo doesn’t look as sharp and clear. You want to be able to see their eyes clearly, because eyes express so much feeling. I have read that in a great portrait the subjects eyes are always in focus, but this is harder to achieve than I thought. I want to really learn why sometimes the subjects eyes aren’t in focus, and how to achieve the beautiful sharp clear focus the majority of the time. This is one of my biggest challenges of portrait photography.




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