Experimenting with flash and a tripod

Here is a collage of some of my recent experimental photos. These are all examples of photos that I took just for fun, when something caught my eye. I was very inspired by the gorgeous purple cauliflower that my mom had bought from a local farm stand one day. Normally I do not use my on camera flash but I was curious how it might turn out if I tried to use it to capture the color of this amazing vegetable. I was surprisingly happy with how these turned out. I like the contrast between the purple and the blurred out red wall. At first glance it is difficult to tell what the photo is of, but then you realize that its just cauliflower. I want to learn to not be afraid of using flash if it’s for a creative purpose.

I took this photo of the moon with a tripod. I want to learn to have minimal blurry photos, and I think one way would be to try using tripods more. For some reason I could only get the branch in front of the moon in focus, and the moon blurred out behind it. When I tried to focus on the moon, the photo turned out slightly blurry and the color of the moon was washed out. I think that even though I used a tripod to have a minimal amount of camera shake, the camera still moved slightly when I pressed the shutter button. This is another example of how I learned from just taking a single photo.


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