Welcome to my photography blog! I am an inquiring photographer who is very excited to learn all that I can about myself as an artist. This is a new experience for me so any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Visit the about tab to learn more about me!


School retreat 

A week ago I went on an art retreat with a school group. We stayed out in the woods and did yoga and art for 5 days. I took a lot of photos so I thought I’d share some here. 


This weekend my mom and I went on a gorgeous hike. It was located at a nature preserve that opens one day a year when the bluebells are in bloom. Here is the full set of pictures that I took: 

Spring photography

It is finally spring! Which means some amazing photo opportunities. I always love taking photos during the spring. The flowers start to bloom on the trees, which really adds a beautiful touch to portrait photos. I have found that flowers make a great blurred out background for portraits as well as added visual interest and … Continue reading

Rainbow Prism

A week or two ago I got a prism for photography. If used correctly in the right light, beautiful rainbows can be made and reflected onto different surfaces, people’s faces, etc. As well as shining light through it, I’ve found that it creates a very  interesting effect if you shoot through the prism, focus on … Continue reading

Photography Instagram

About a week ago I decided to create a photography Instagram account. I had this idea because I was thinking about ways that I could continue to promote and build my image as a photographer, and this came to mind. I feel like it will help me to build connections with other photographers (both my … Continue reading

Art room photoshoot 

A few days ago I brought my camera to school, and took photos of my friends during art class. During the shoot, I noticed that I was thinking a lot more creatively about composition, and how to make the photo look appealing and flattering. As I took the photos I kept in mind the fact … Continue reading

Lightroom Editing 

Recently I have been really interested in learning how to edit my photography on Lightroom. I recently got a Lightroom subscription, and want to take advantage of all of the amazing tools Lightroom has, and learn different techniques for editing. I started shooting in raw a couple months ago and I can tell that it … Continue reading